1. Recent Developments

    Development for our creature game has been slow recently. We have came to the conclusion to take a small break from the game and work on something smaller and simpler. Don’t worry the creature game is safely backed up and will continue development shortly after.

    There will be previews and concepts up soon of our newest project. This new project shouldn’t take us to long to develop. We already have the base, concepts and interface all ready! All we need to is to animate, program, and polish a few fixes to make is pretty!

    Here is some other news:

    • We would like to announce that Cullen Bruce would be helping us with music.
    • Our website is currently receiving a more simpler make over to make it mobile friendly along with our logo.
    • To view all the creature game previews and updates please views the google plus group.

    That is all more now, and we will keep you updated!